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ALLIANCE HOA will act as a “one-stop shop” for all association information and will maintain a complete set of records for the Association, including: all current governing documents, employment records, contracts, financial statements, tax records, meeting minutes, and all other Association correspondence. We will review all governing documents and assist in the development, amendment, or revision of any documents on an as needed basis. This may include the declaration, bylaws, rules, and regulations.

Owners Assistance

  • Handle Owners’ telephone calls, correspondence about problems, and requests for assistance

  • Advise and assist Owners with explanation of policies and procedures contained within the declaration, bylaws, and rules



  • Provide annual review of policy and costs

  • Administer the association’s master insurance program, including the annual bidding of the master policy

  • Provide advice on managing the policies and procedures of the master insurance program


Legal Liaison

  • Cooperate with Association's legal counsel as directed by the Board

  • Convey knowledge of fiduciary and legal responsibilities to Association as professional managers

  • Assist in preparation, passage, and filing of amendments to documents

  • Distribution of amendments to documents

  • Alliance HOA will act as the liaison between the Board of Directors, auditors, insurance adjusters, and legal counsel when necessary.


Board Meetings

  • Prepare board meetings and special meetings of Owners, including the preparation of notices, agendas, reports, presentations, proxies, and other necessary documents

  • Prepare and distribute the required annual meeting notice and proxies

  • Maintain Minutes of Meetings

  • Professional guidance and recommendations as required by Board

  • Assist in conducting meetings and elections

  • Facilitate discussions on all matters of importance



  • Handle all inquiries from homeowners regarding association issues and responsibilities

  • Serve as liaison between Board of Directors, homeowners, and all vendors

  • Provide excellent communication to the Board of Directors on all issues on an ongoing basis

  • Update association website with up-to-date information

  • Keep a detailed log of all communications with the board, homeowners, and vendors



  • Advise and support committees and subcommittees


The Alliance Advantage

  • Alliance HOA feels strongly about community involvement. We believe the best way to achieve this is through the formation of committees to work within the Association. Alliance will advise, coordinate and oversee all necessary committees within your association.​

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