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If the full-service option isn’t for your community, Alliance HOA can be geared to assist self-managed Associations that still want to manage their day-to-day affairs, but need the resources to administer the workload efficiently and enhance the working relationship with the owners. For this, we provide an online portal. The portal can be modified to add new Board Members and change settings as seen fit by the Board. The Board can customize the system settings to allow other parties access to the system, such as attorneys, Committees, and other specific roles. The web portal powers the day-to-day activities of the association and allows the Board to take better control of their time, improve communications, and to centralize the information for a healthier community. Pick and choose the services you are looking for:


  • Association Information: Allows Board of Directors the access to Financials, Delinquency Reports, create Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and Violations

  • Communication: Allows the BOD to effectively communicate with all owners and groups resulting in saving of time and money

  • Maintenance: Allows the Owners to enter Architectural/Service Requests. The Board will then have the ability to see the request through the process of assigning a vendor tracks the request on the Owner’s File and keeps the Owner informed throughout the process


  • Monthly Financials: Provide a set of monthly financials to the portal including but not limited to: income statement, balance sheet, delinquency report, and other reports per BOD requests. In addition, create the budget for the community

  • Association Dues: Manage the monthly association’s dues for the community

  • Bank Account: Maintain bank accounts and provide monthly statements

  • Vendors: Pay all vendors on a timely matter


  • Capital Projects: Manage all projects by receiving competitive bids, managing the project from beginning to end, and provide payment to vendors

  • Inspection: Provide periodic walk-throughs of the community 

  • Capital Analysis: Analyze capital assets (such as roof) and provide valuable information to BOD to plan for future expenses

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