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Get to know Leila Weah, Alliance HOA’s 2020 marketing intern.

Hi, my name is Leila, and I’m the new marketing analyst for Alliance Realty. I’m a first-year student studying journalism and analytics at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, so this job suits me well. 

I’m from Albertville, Minnesota, and I live with my parents, Eric and Farida, and my two younger sisters, Camilla and Nora. At home I enjoy cooking, crafting, spending time with my family, and sitting outside in my hammock while reading a good book. 

Reading and writing are two things that I’m very passionate about, so I decided to take those skills and apply them to the real world. I joined TommieMedia-- St. Thomas’ main news outlet--during my second semester in college, and I absolutely love the job and the team that I'm a part of. You can check out some of my articles here.  I can’t wait to deliver weekly blogs to you guys in the most informative and entertaining way. If you have any ideas for blog posts that you’d like to read, please, contact me and send me your recommendations-- I’m always open to new ideas! 

Leila Weah can be reached at

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